Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strike Is Over for Most Brazilian Public Sector Workers: Settlement is Reached

According to an article from BBC, 90% of the striking public sector workers in Brazil will end their walk-out and have accepted a government offer of a 15.8.% raise over the next three years.

Still on strike are the Federal Police and tax inspectors, but 30 out of the 35 employee groups have reached settlement. The government will resume negotiations with the groups that have not yet settled.

The end of the strikes is good news for Dilma, who had become increasingly impatient with the disruptions they were causing, and who felt that the public sector employees who were striking had unrealistic economic demands.

Update:  As of August 30, 2012, I haven't seen any coverage of this story in the Brazilian press yet, but it is repeated in this article from Reuters. Reuters reports that the strikers will return to work on Monday, and confirms that the Federal Police, tax authority workers, and central bank employees have not yet reached a settlement and are still on strike.

Update September 1, 2012: I finally found an article in "Estadão" which confirms the information in the BBC and Reuters reports. The article is dated August 28, but I had to search "Estadão's" website to find it, and even then it only showed up on the third page of hits. I don't why there hasn't been greater coverage of the settlement in the Brazilian press, but it may be that the story has been overshadowed by recent rulings in the "mensalão" scandal.  

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