Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Track from Thiago Pethit's New CD

In an earlier post about favorite Brazilian music, I mentioned the independent singer/songwriter Thiago Pethit.  Well, he has a new CD coming out next week, and there's a free track available for (legal) download here. They did it right, too, at 320 kpbs, so even though it's only about 3:45 minutes long, the track weighs in at a hefty 10.7 MB. 

I don't know how long it will be available, so snag it now if you're interested. Oh, and you can check out the video, too, which has to be one of the more unique Brazilian music videos I've seen so far (in my admittedly limited experience).

I'm a big fan of Thiago Pethit and I just wish he were as well-known as Michel Teló or Gusttavo Lima. Don't get me wrong, I like them, too, but Thiago's music has a bit more variety and isn't drowned out by an audience full of teen-agers, which brings up a question I've been wondering about: why are so many of the albums by big-time "sertanejo universitario" singers like Michel and Gusttavo recorded live, in concert, with an apparent effort to actually pump up the noise of the crowd? If anyone has an answer, or even a good guess, I'd sure like to know.

And as long as I'm already off-topic, if you're a hardcore fan of sertanejo universitario, first of all, that's OK, I don't judge, and second, check out this site if you haven't already:


I'm hoping that Thiago's new album will be available on iTunes or Amazon in the US, because the cost for actual CDs by many Brazilian artists is a lot more than the digital downloads.  

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